Open-Fold Face-Shield (OFFS) Project

Fold-a-Shield designs for rapid assembly, flat-cut Face-Shields

These designs can be used to make complete PPE ‘Face-shields’† using only thin plastic materials and some folding. NO NEED FOR ANY OTHER MATERIALS OR ASSEMBLY. We have developed a range of designs that we believe will work for different materials and cutting methods, depending on what you have available. Please leave feedback and contact info here and we will keep you updated.

Note: We now have designs already in mass manufacture, if you would like these immediately, please contact or visit [license 1] and [license 2] for licensing.

To view our current designs and ideas, CLICK HERE For commercial development of these ideas, contact or visit [license 3] for licensing.

†Note that proper PPE should always be worn if available. These ‘face shields’ have not been extensively tested and should only be used as a last resort, and we provide no guarantee or assurance of protection or performance. Please perform your own testing, validation and sterilization protocols before use.